Hinduism at the Crossroads at Home and Abroad

Conference: AAS-in-Asia2020 (AAS-in-Asia2020)
Title: Hinduism at the Crossroads at Home and Abroad
Stream: Religion
Presentation Type: Panel Presentation
Tracy Pintchman, Loyola University, United States (organizer, presenter, chair)
Patrick McCartney, Australian National University, Australia (presenter)
Varuni Bhatia, Azim Premji University, India (presenter)
Diana Dimitrova, University of Montreal, Canada (presenter)


The papers in this session explore emergent forms of Hinduism that exist at a variety of geographical, technological, political, economic, and theological crossroads both in India and elsewhere in the world. We understand the term "crossroads" as encompassing a variety of intersecting vectors, and we focus our attention on the religious forms that such intersections make possible. Collectively, we explore temple architecture, digital devotion, globalization, spiritual soft power, and the repurposing of ancient goddesses in the modern world. Session participants work at academic institutions in five different countries (India, Canada, Japan, Thailand, and the United States) and are all stages of career development, from post-doctoral fellow to senior scholar.