NGO, Network and Activism in China

Conference: AAS-in-Asia2020 (AAS-in-Asia2020)
Title: NGO, Network and Activism in China
Stream: Anthropology
Presentation Type: Panel Presentation
Zhenru Lin, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (organizer, presenter, chair)
Shuo Yang, King's College of London, United Kingdom (presenter)
Yang Zhao, Manchester University, United Kingdom (presenter)


This panel sheds light on how community-based activists organise their activities in contemporary China that falls in the dichotomy of the authoritarian state and civil society. To move beyond this Eurocentric imagination on the political dynamics of collective action, the three papers map out the making of the network in activist programs for migrant workers, and the War of Resistance against Japan veterans. With ethnographical data collected in cyber communities and daily participation in the movements, researchers in this panel discuss how social actors mobilise resources and organise activities in building the networking connecting governments, business sectors, intellectuals and other stakeholders. What factors contribute to the growth and development of activist programs in different sectors? As a researcher, how to build up a connection with the complex network of collective action? How to map up flows of information, the formation of social relationship, and exchange of values in social movements in China? To fully understand how activism contributes to shifting the direction of the social transformation in the crossroad, we must, therefore, understand the network building and relational dynamics among stakeholders in collective actions.