Social, Political, and Cultural Dynamics of Collective Actions in Asia

Conference: AAS-in-Asia2020 (AAS-in-Asia2020)
Title: Social, Political, and Cultural Dynamics of Collective Actions in Asia
Stream: Sociology
Presentation Type: Panel Presentation
Pinar Temocin, Hiroshima University, Japan (organizer, chair, discussant)
Licia Proserpio, University of Bologna, Italy (presenter)
Yuxuan Wang, Lehigh University, United States (presenter)
Lina Koleilat, The Australian National University, Australia (presenter)


Academic studies of social movements focus on social, political, and cultural centered approaches. The main social movements that have occurred since the 60`s have their own actors and all of them play an important role in shaping the discourses. over mobilizations. It is significant to analyze the actors involved in the movements and characteristics shaping the trajectory of mobilizations. In this regard, we offer five approaches toward mobilizations and their interpretations in Asia.

Our proposed panel is based on activism in Asia with several crucial aspects. The topics include nuclear activism in Japan, environmental movement in China, Chinese nationalism and Hong Kong protests, the depiction of female activists in Hong Kong cinema, student activism toward education in Myanmar, and transnational solidarity based on religion in South Korea

This panel expects to provide a deeper and intellectual understanding of activism dynamics. It is hoped that these several approaches would contribute to the academic literature based on contemporary Asian activism.