Rural Revitalization in Contemporary Korea and China

Conference: AAS-in-Asia2020 (AAS-in-Asia2020)
Title: Rural Revitalization in Contemporary Korea and China
Stream: Sociology
Presentation Type: Panel Presentation
Do Hyun Han, Academy of Korean Studies, South Korea (organizer, presenter, chair)
Yuanyuan Hu, Shandong University, China (presenter)
Juren Lin, Shandong University, China (presenter, discussant)
Shanfeng Li, Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, China (presenter)
Suhwan Jung, Academy of Korean Studies, South Korea (presenter)


Korea and China have similar patterns in rural modernization and rapid urbanization. More and more rural communities are incorporated into the urban area. In rural areas of the two countries, it is easy to see high rised apartments in rural towns. Traditional rural life has been fundamentally tranformed. This radical transformation entails serious challenges. For these challenges, the two countries actively introduce policies of rural revitalization. In this panel, five papers discuss the rural revitalization in China and Korea. HU analyzes international marriages between Northeast China and Southeast Asia. The world system of the internatinal marriage migration in Asia shows a new challenge for rural revitalization in Northeast China. LIN discusses how a large rural area is closely connected to the provincial capital city. The integration of rural area and cities is very common to Korea and China. LIN shows the process by focusing the case of Lenshuigou near Jinan. This integration has a reaction in a different directin. HAN discusses this by focusing the community organizing in Korea. Community organizing is an important strategy of rural revitaliztion of China and Korea. Against this community organizing, LI focuses on social disorganization in rural China. JUNG discusses the both of organizing and disorganization of rural society by focussing the experience of Korean rural revitalization of the 1970s and its expansion to the developing countries. Thus, with the five papers, this panel will discuss the rapidly changing rural landscape of contemporary Asia, especially Korea and China.